We have plans that fit a wide range of earnings. This is to allow income earners of all tiers benefit from this program.


Our support representatives ensures all inquiries are tended to within 1 hour for the most part of the day.


We are a fast pace company, favouring faster transaction time so we can focus on what counts - trading


With a well designed system and top level infrastructure, our systems work at full functionality round the clock

We are specialized in accumulating our client investment which are channeled into a Bitcoin mining pool. This enables our Expert Traders to achieve a maximum target profit at the end of the stipulated time range

Our Services

We offer the following services

Investment Plans

At "Rich Entrepreneur Poor Entrepreneur" program, we offer plans that cut accross all income levels.


With a team of well experienced industry experts, we offer the best in investment advisory.

Financial Mangement

At Repecrypto, we do not just create wealth, we also provide financial management services.

Excellent Support

We provide a great support system for our clientel. Making sure they are always satisfied.

Our Investment Plans

Here are our available investment plans



Contract Duration 6 Months
  • Express Available
  • 120% Return on Investment
  • Min. 4% Weekly



Contract Duration 6 Months
  • Express Available
  • 180% Return on Investment
  • Min. 6% Weekly



Contract Duration 6 Months
  • Express Available
  • 240% Return on Investment
  • Min. 8% Weekly

Frequently Asked Questions

To fasten your search for information about our services, below are some Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How does REPE make it’s profit?
  • BUY to profit from a market price rise. SELL to profit from a market price decline.
  • What's bid and ask?
  • In simple terms, the bid represents the price at which you can currently SELL (or close a BUY order) and the ask represents the price at which you can currently BUY (or close a SELL order). The numerical difference between the bid and the ask is called the spread.
  • What's the minimum for Investing in REPE Program?
  • The minimum plan for investing in the Repe program is $1,000. See Above
  • Where's the Orderbook?
  • REPE isn't an open book exchange. You can learn more about how REPE Program works behind the scenes by DM any of the Admins
  • What happens in the case where an investor request an early withdrawal?
  • In case of a breach of contract that requires early termination of account, the investor will only be paid back his/her invested capital. Any profits realized from the invested funds will be withheld.
  • Let's say I'm holding a profitable EUR/USD position. What happens if BTC/USD price suddenly drops?
  • The dollar fluctuations of BTC/USD don't affect your position. All withdraws are processed based on the current value of BTC and ETH. With the 15% discount on deposited funds you are making a lot of profit on every withdraw as the value of BTC and ETH tend to increase daily (Facts analysed by experienced CryptoCurrency Traders/ Advisors)
  • Can I buy Bitcoin or Ethereum from REPE PROGRAM?
  • No. You can deposit Bitcoin or Eth you already own into your REPE Program account to trade financial markets.
  • Is the digital currency I deposit converted to fiat?
  • No. Deposits, withdrawals, balances, orders, positions, and just about everything else on REPE Program are processed in digital currency and never converted.
  • How fast are withdrawals?
  • For security, most withdrawals are processed manually throughout the day within an hour after they are requested. This allows us to keep all customer funds in cold storage, separated from software and automation, which keeps them out of reach of potential attackers.
  • Are there any withdrawal limit?
  • No.

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Rich Entrepreneur Poor Entrepreneur Program

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